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The profession system has had some serious changes made designed to make it more interesting. There is now a star ranking system for each item created. Higher ranks give various improvements. Some will reduce resource cost. Some level one items can only be crafted in Dalaran, level two removes that restriction.

Profession quests are available once Dalaran has moved to The Broken Isles. Some quests take you out into the world so picking them up early will allow you to get them done while you are doing your normal questing.

Skinning – Everyones favorite hunter is back! He has a hunting camp in Highmountain and once again wants you to hunt your way up the food chain. If you are looking to level your skinning up this would be the place to go.

Herbalism – The quests for herbalism come from picking herbs. You will find a quest item version of the herb that will require you to complete a specific task related to that herb. Once you complete that quest you get the level one skill for picking that herb. Higher levels of the herb picking skills allow you to pick more herbs per node.

Each zone has a specific herb. Each herb has a quest and associated skill for it.

Cooking – Nomi has grown up and is now helping us cook. I found him in Azsuna, he then relocates to Dalaran. He will research new cooking recipes for us. Research works like the work orders from our garrisons. We give him a type of meat, he then researches a recipe for that type of meat. Each research takes 4 hours to complete. The results from each research will either be a new recipe or burnt food. Higher levels of the recipe increase the number of items made for the same amount of resources.

Because of the research system it is best to keep any and all meat that you come across while leveling.

Tailoring – First quest in the line send you to Azsuna. After that to Val'sharah. The quest “where's Lyandras?” The marker on the map makes it look like he is at the Violet Hold, he is however in the sewers.

Enchanting – Warlords weapon enchants will get you to 705. They can not be used on artifact weapons so make sure you keep your old weapon around. The profession quests take you to Azsuna first then the next stop is Highmountain.

There is a quest in the line called “Ley Hunting”. One of the locations it send you to is the nar'thalas academy. The blue marker for the quest makes it look like the entire island is a valid point to use the item. The item will only work inside the academy. The other two locations anywhere in the blue circle works.

Archeology – Not available until 110. You get a quest in Dalaran to go find Brann in Suramar.

There is a quest that armor crafters will get called Trial by Fel Fire. This quest requires the bracers from each of the armor classes to complete. Unless people want to spend potentially tens of thousands of gold to complete this quest we will want to help out our fellow crafters.
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